Happy 2015 & Catching Up with CYW Events

Top left to right: Sharon's famous butter tart squares; Wendy's sister Nancy; Sharon Michaelson; Michelle Casey; Visitors to the Studio and Wendy Southin, November 2014

Hello! Happy New Year!!! I hope you all survived the holidays and are all doing well. My New Year’s resolution is to simply catch up with you all and […]

Exciting News from Collage Your World!

Michelle Casey, "Secret Garden", Collage/Mixed Media, 5 x 7 inches, February 2014

I’m excited to share some great news with you. This spring a collage of mine, “Secret Garden” was selected to be published in Lesley Riley’s new book: Inspirational Quotes Illustrated: Art and Words to Motivate!* After admiring and drawing inspiration from her […]

CYW: 2013 Holiday Bits & Bytes

A glimpse of Sheila Cain-Sample's Gratitude Journal…

Gratitude List Inspires!

It makes my day when a blog entry I’ve written inspires someone. Recently I was elated to hear list member Sheila Cain-Sample passionately discussing an idea for a creating a gratitude journal that she’d envisioned, carefully researched and executed. As you know I like […]

Interview with Wendy Southin: Living the Creative Life, Part II

Wendy Southin in her beautiful country garden… after I snapped this photo, as if on cue, a dragonfly came and rested on her hand… it was like something right out of fairy tale!

At last, the highly anticipated second half of Wendy Southin of Dragonfly Dreamers interview…

MC: Wendy, images from nature abound […]

Collage Your World’s Holiday Book Wish List

Collage by Japanese artist duo Wool Cube Wool from "Cut It, Paste It, Sew It…" edited by Chisa Itou

I derive a small but divine pleasure that exceeds my own imagination from the process of taking apart something and completely rearranging its components as I see fit. For me, collage is not so much […]

Making Resin Jewellery with Wendy Southin

Michelle Casey, Mixed Media Copper Jewellery: Necklace made of: resin, magazine papers, beads, charm, December 2012

This Saturday I had a wonderful time at a resin jewellery making workshop hosted by my friend Wendy Southin of Dragonfly Dreamers. And, to think I was so busy this week, I almost cancelled the trip out to […]

12 Days Until Christmas Collage/Mixed Media Gift Ideas!

If you’re like me, you probably still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping (Yikes!). Here are some recommendations for the creative soul on your list. Thanks to my friend Olive Jones for referring #s 1, 2 & 9:

1. Jane Davies: Collage Journeys: A Practical Guide to Creating Personal Artwork A thorough book on the subject […]