Having a Good Mail Art Day

Michelle Casey, Frida Kahlo-inspired collage mail art, 2014

Earlier this year artist Tina Morris (UK) sent me a fabulous package of mail art. It contained several postcard prints of her awesome abstract paintings as well as a Frida Kahlo-inspired collage she’d recently made: a provocative piece in which she skilfully adorned an image of […]

How to Make a Collage/Origami Artist Trading Card

A peek inside my collage/origami lotus flower artist trading card…

Hello! This is a follow-up to last week’s article in which I mentioned creating an origami/collage fusion-inspired artist trading card (ATC) using the lotus flower design as inspiration. Today I’ll share some tips on making one with you…

After showing my husband Kevin some […]

Significant Contributions: An Origami Project Unfolding

A selection of my origami magazine papers…

For years, I’ve longed to make origami but haven’t been successful. You see, It’s embarrassing to say, but I’ve never been able to follow the written or diagram instructions on how to make it. I remember once trying to fold a simple boat, and no matter many […]

Collage Tip #16: The Call of the Vision Board

Michelle Casey, "Aurora's Dream: Part II: Song Bird", Artist Trading Card, Collage/Mixed Media, 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches, 2013


What Dreams May Come: Ghosts of the North, Part II

I discover two versions of myself in “Ghosts of the North, Part II” (a collage in progress). Part III will soon be in the works. What it will reveal, I have only just begun to imagine…

Dream Journal, September 6, 2010:

My husband’s body and that of an Inuit hunter are discovered floating on […]

Artist Trading Cards: Bits & Bytes

Michelle Casey, “Being” (Interior, detail), ATC, Collage, 7.5 x 3.5 inches, March 2013

There’ve been so many exciting things happening on the Artist Trading Card (ATC) front here at Collage Your World – I’m delighted to share them with you!

Deeply in Love in February…

In mid February I participated in an exchange with […]

Artist Trading Card Series

Michelle Casey, "Untitled 1", Artist Trading Card, Collage, 3.5 x 2.5 inches, 2006

As you can imagine, after preparing for three different events last week, I’m feeling totally and utterly exhausted today! As mentioned last week, I ran across an old Artist Trading Card (ATC) series of mine I hadn’t trade yet. You know […]

February 2013: Collage Bits & Bytes…

Michelle Casey, Untitled Artist Trading Card (1 of 9), Collage, 2.5 x 3.5 inches, 2006

My Blog Talk Radio Interview

Next week I’ll post the link for my February 5, 2013 interview on Contemplative, Expressive & Imaginative Blog Talk Radio for your listening pleasure! I’ve been crazy busy this whole month preparing for it! […]

Collage Tip #12: How to Make a Collage Artist Trading Card

Michelle Casey, "Being", Collage, Artist Trading Card, 2013

Today I thought I’d share some tips on creating a collage Artist Trading Card (ATC) with you. Rather then working with a theme, sometimes I like to throw caution to the wind by letting my ATC create itself (so to speak). Here’s some insight into the […]

December 2012 Bits & Bytes

Winter 2013 Artist Trading Card Workshop!

This January I’ll be holding an Artist Trading Card (ATC) workshop in conjunction with my friend artist/painter Susan Ashbrook. I’ve been participating in ATC trades on and off for five years now with artist friends or local ATC groups including the now sadly defunct ATC quarterly which was run […]