Fall 2014 Daily Ephemera Workshop

Artist Johanne Leveille incorporates her practice of Shodoo and passion for Japanese culture into the Daily Ephemera Workshop (fall, 2014)

This September I held a one-on-one daily ephemera workshop with student artist Johanne Leveille, a CYW list-member and friend. Johanne and I have kept in touch these past few years and finally found time […]

Tales from the Observer: Everyday Inspiration

Each year, I turn to numerous books to inspire my collage and mixed media work. While a handful prove extremely useful, the rest end up being added to my library of cool books I never finish reading! As I begin to use my cell phone camera on a daily basis, taking it with me wherever […]

Art: Like a Prayer

“Praying for a Harvest Moon”, 2010 (pictured here) was my first attempt at making a visual prayer. It invoked my fervent desire to attain my creative goals as I approached the mid-point of my life.

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion […]

Part II: The Fabric & Patterns of Everyday Life

November/December 2013 issue, Selvege. A favourite fabric-related magazine of mine… see link at end of this article

Developing a Secret Code…

In Part I of this blog article, you learned of my fascination for fabric pattern prints and textures found in fashion magazines and my childhood home. While I noted, I used strips […]

Part I: The Fabric & Patterns of Everyday Life

Michelle Casey, "Untitled", Journal Page, Collage/Mixed Media, 8.5 inches x 6 inches, 2009

When I first began visual journaling, working with magazine fragments of fabric patterns really began to interest me. I remember a friend pointing out how cool it was that a character I’d collaged was wearing “hound’s tooth”. I had no idea […]

Collage Tip #16: The Call of the Vision Board

Michelle Casey, "Aurora's Dream: Part II: Song Bird", Artist Trading Card, Collage/Mixed Media, 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches, 2013


CYW: 2013 Holiday Bits & Bytes

A glimpse of Sheila Cain-Sample's Gratitude Journal…

Gratitude List Inspires!

It makes my day when a blog entry I’ve written inspires someone. Recently I was elated to hear list member Sheila Cain-Sample passionately discussing an idea for a creating a gratitude journal that she’d envisioned, carefully researched and executed. As you know I like […]

In Memoriam: Norm Prest

Michelle Casey, “The Sound of Silence”, Collage/mixed media Journal page, 8.5 x 6 inches, 2010. This image was scanned and printed by Norm Prest… such a beautiful sample of our collaborative efforts…

During the last month, I’ve lost two dear friends… my Uncle Doug and my scanning and printing technician, Norman Prest. Both seemed […]

What Dreams May Come: Ghosts of the North, Part II

I discover two versions of myself in “Ghosts of the North, Part II” (a collage in progress). Part III will soon be in the works. What it will reveal, I have only just begun to imagine…

Dream Journal, September 6, 2010:

My husband’s body and that of an Inuit hunter are discovered floating on […]

Listful Thinking: Using List Making to Motivate Your Spirit

Michelle Casey, “The Secret of Life”, Collage/Mixed Media, 7 inches x 5 inches, 2011, Upper text: “The secret of life is to dare”; Lower left text: “Imagine”

Last week while savouring a cup of coffee during a rare peaceful moment in my life, I began thinking about lists again. Posting my Gratitude List the […]