Ties That Bind: Exhibition Update

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been busy with a number of collaborative projects as well as a group show in June. Will tell all soon! In the meantime, as promised, here are some photos of my exhibition “Ties That Bind: Collage & Fibre Art” with fibre artist Krystyna Sadej.

Our opening […]

A Symphony in Thread: The Tapestry of Anna Torma

What do gardens, anatomical figures and monsters all have in common? Among other motifs, they all happily inhabit the fibres of Anna Torma’s embroidered tapestries. Reminiscent of a frenzied personal graffiti, the Hungarian-born artist’s dynamically composed pieces never fail to completely captivate viewers’ imaginations. Influenced by the work of artists: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cy Twombly and […]

Kehinde Wiley: The Need for an Economy of Grace

Kehinde Wiley, Juliette Recamier, 2012, Oil on linen, 72 inches x 96 inches quotes Jacques-Louis David's painting (see below)

On the heels of Black history month, I’d like to share some reflections about art history and introduce you to painter Kehinde Wiley.

While studying art history at university, one of the most eye-opening and […]

Lisa Creskey: Telling Stories with Clay

Lisa Creskey, “Mirror” (detail), 2012 (Image used with artist’s permission)

It was such a happy accident that I discovered the work of local ceramic artist Lisa Creskey. A couple of years ago, I mistook her for another artist colleague with the same first name. We emailed back and forth until one day I realized […]

Exploring My Family Curse

The top portion of “The Curse” (Michelle Casey, Collage, July 2013)… veering away from the rectangular format this piece’s outer elements defines its shape.

These past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a collage about my family curse. If you’ve been following my blog lately, you’ll know about this and the three miracles […]

Reflections from Over the Rainbow…

Glinda the Good Witch of the South and Dorothy on the yellow brick road to the magical land of Oz…

Okay, more interview aftermath to discuss with you my dear readers. Some of you may be asking… if you watched or heard the radio excerpt of my interview … why the tears? I have […]

My Life as a Casey

My hubby Kevin Casey… first spring in our new home…

Many of you have seen how supportive my husband Kevin was at my blog talk radio interview the other week. Now I was thinking some of you might have been surprised to hear Liana Voia, the interviewer, refer to him as a “white male.” […]

Painter Helen Gregory Breathes New Life into Death …

Helen Gregory, “Desiccate III”, Acrylic on canvas, 54" x 48", 2007. Image used with permission from the artist.

Have you ever felt an instant connection to an artist’s work? In the work of Newfoundland painter Helen Gregory, I’ve found a kindred spirit…

A Withered Rose and Dead Sparrow Caught My Eye…

I first spied […]