Ties That Bind: Collage & Fibre Art Exhibition Coming Soon!

Hello! As I type this I’m crazy busy preparing for my exhibition/opening next week with artist Krystyna Sadej. I’ve spent the last month and a half preparing 10 new pieces for the show. I’m putting the finishing touches on one last piece and the rest of the work has been photographed and is in the […]

Reflections: Choosing Characters for My Visual Journal Pages

Michelle Casey, "Fukushima, Hiroshima, Nagasaki", Collage/Mixed Media Journal Page, 8.5 x 6 inches, April 2011. Photo of woman by Teneshia Carr in Noise #26, UK, 2010

During my first “Pieces of Me” exhibition, a visitor enquired where I was in my journal pages. “I kept looking for you!” she said. I told her I […]

Reblogging & Collaging: Reflections Inspired by Watching Angel

"Crash into me" a cool journal page from The Art Journaler (See Link Below)

A Visual Crash Course into the Mind & Soul…

The other day I paid a visit to the Tumblr blog of a new creative friend: Watching Angel. Journeying through her blog, I discovered many wonderful postings: artwork (hers and others), […]

“Pieces of Me II” Reception (Ottawa Public Library)

You Make My Heart Sing, Journal Page March 6 2010

For me, an artist’s work truly comes full circle when it engages people. And so, it was a great joy to see my work take this route at the opening of my “Pieces of Me II” exhibition held this past Thursday at the main […]