Fall 2014 Daily Ephemera Workshop

Artist Johanne Leveille incorporates her practice of Shodoo and passion for Japanese culture into the Daily Ephemera Workshop (fall, 2014)

This September I held a one-on-one daily ephemera workshop with student artist Johanne Leveille, a CYW list-member and friend. Johanne and I have kept in touch these past few years and finally found time […]

Tales from the Observer: Everyday Inspiration

Each year, I turn to numerous books to inspire my collage and mixed media work. While a handful prove extremely useful, the rest end up being added to my library of cool books I never finish reading! As I begin to use my cell phone camera on a daily basis, taking it with me wherever […]

Art: Like a Prayer

“Praying for a Harvest Moon”, 2010 (pictured here) was my first attempt at making a visual prayer. It invoked my fervent desire to attain my creative goals as I approached the mid-point of my life.

The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion […]

CYW: February 2014 Bits & Bytes

Due to my big move and settling into the new place (still), I noted I hadn’t made any time for one of my favourite pastimes: reading! In December I began noticing a whole slew of books I’d like to read and bought a few to start. Thought I’d share some reflections about them with you…


Tales from the Observer: Pattern Alert!

Anastasija Kondratjeva's “Busy bodies” fashion shoot. Okay, if this doesn’t blow your mind print wise I don’t know what will! This wild style is what I sometimes aim for in my collages. For more incredible photos of the shoot see Front Row blog under "Other Related Links" below.

On my daily jaunts through shopping […]

Interview with Wendy Southin: Living the Creative Life, Part II

Wendy Southin in her beautiful country garden… after I snapped this photo, as if on cue, a dragonfly came and rested on her hand… it was like something right out of fairy tale!

At last, the highly anticipated second half of Wendy Southin of Dragonfly Dreamers interview…

MC: Wendy, images from nature abound […]

Interview with Wendy Southin: Living the Creative Life, Part I

Don’t let Wendy Southin's innocent little girl air fool you… she’s always raring and eager to set her sights on the most challenging creative projects… her big studio reno being a recent one.

Wendy Southin lives in Richmond, Ontario, Canada. She makes jewellery, books and altered art. We’ve been good friends for a few […]

My Summer 2013 Interview Spotlight!

A magnificent piece: "Triple Goddess" by my good friend Irene Rafael.

Hello! Today I’d like to spotlight the blog of my good friend Irene Rafael. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her, she’s a special virtual friend of mine from The United States. We “met” while partaking in Kelly Kilmer’s on-line journaling […]

Reblogging & Collaging: Reflections Inspired by Watching Angel

"Crash into me" a cool journal page from The Art Journaler (See Link Below)

A Visual Crash Course into the Mind & Soul…

The other day I paid a visit to the Tumblr blog of a new creative friend: Watching Angel. Journeying through her blog, I discovered many wonderful postings: artwork (hers and others), […]

The Birth of Collage Your World

Michelle Casey, “In Memoriam: Elizabeth Wortman”, 6 x 8.5 inches, Collage/Mixed Media Journal Page, January 2010. Women like my neighbour, “Bessie” Wortman, made me realize the importance of following my dreams. See below for text of this journal page.

Lately I’ve been reminiscing about the day I came up with the name for my […]