Fall 2014 Daily Ephemera Workshop

Artist Johanne Leveille incorporates her practice of Shodoo and passion for Japanese culture into the Daily Ephemera Workshop (fall, 2014)

This September I held a one-on-one daily ephemera workshop with student artist Johanne Leveille, a CYW list-member and friend. Johanne and I have kept in touch these past few years and finally found time […]

How Writing Can Inspire Your Collaging

Michelle Casey, "Resurrection", Collage/Mixed Media Journal Page, 8.5 x 6 inches, January 2010. Text in handwriting: "I can't let go… you consume my soul."

So, some of you more timid souls might have gotten out your pens and markers and went about writing on your collages as I encouraged last week. If so, I […]