Happy 2015 & Catching Up with CYW Events

Top left to right: Sharon's famous butter tart squares; Wendy's sister Nancy; Sharon Michaelson; Michelle Casey; Visitors to the Studio and Wendy Southin, November 2014

Hello! Happy New Year!!! I hope you all survived the holidays and are all doing well. My New Year’s resolution is to simply catch up with you all and […]

How to Make a Collage/Origami Artist Trading Card

A peek inside my collage/origami lotus flower artist trading card…

Hello! This is a follow-up to last week’s article in which I mentioned creating an origami/collage fusion-inspired artist trading card (ATC) using the lotus flower design as inspiration. Today I’ll share some tips on making one with you…

After showing my husband Kevin some […]

CYW: February 2014 Bits & Bytes

Due to my big move and settling into the new place (still), I noted I hadn’t made any time for one of my favourite pastimes: reading! In December I began noticing a whole slew of books I’d like to read and bought a few to start. Thought I’d share some reflections about them with you…


Part II: The Fabric & Patterns of Everyday Life

November/December 2013 issue, Selvege. A favourite fabric-related magazine of mine… see link at end of this article

Developing a Secret Code…

In Part I of this blog article, you learned of my fascination for fabric pattern prints and textures found in fashion magazines and my childhood home. While I noted, I used strips […]

Collage Tip #16: The Call of the Vision Board

Michelle Casey, "Aurora's Dream: Part II: Song Bird", Artist Trading Card, Collage/Mixed Media, 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches, 2013


Gratitude: My New Attitude!

Michelle Casey, "untitled", Collage/Mixed Media on Vellum, 8 inches x 6 inches, 2013

These last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling like life has sucker-punched me. I’ve been in a place where I might have normally let myself fall into an eternal downward spiral of doom and gloom. Today, however, I decided to […]

Exploring My Family Curse

The top portion of “The Curse” (Michelle Casey, Collage, July 2013)… veering away from the rectangular format this piece’s outer elements defines its shape.

These past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a collage about my family curse. If you’ve been following my blog lately, you’ll know about this and the three miracles […]

Finding Inspiration on a Wing & a Prayer

Me and my “Fly Girl” (2006) piece which is made up of: antique & magazine fragments, beads, sequins, miniature bottles, metallic glitter, labels, charms, quotes and acrylic paint.

Where does an artist draw inspiration from for their work? I’d say from many sources: life experience; dreams; nightmares; visions; fears; wishes or even their idols… […]