Marilyn Dreams…


Michelle Casey, Marilyn Dreams 2, Collage/Mixed Media, 3.5 x 6 inches, February 2015

Marilyn Monroe reading in her bedroom, 1951

Like many artists, when I create a piece, I never know how it will be received. Although nerve wracking at times, this is the most thrilling part of art making. I became […]

Fall 2014 Daily Ephemera Workshop

Artist Johanne Leveille incorporates her practice of Shodoo and passion for Japanese culture into the Daily Ephemera Workshop (fall, 2014)

This September I held a one-on-one daily ephemera workshop with student artist Johanne Leveille, a CYW list-member and friend. Johanne and I have kept in touch these past few years and finally found time […]

Molly Peacock’s Book Unearths Mary Delany’s Paper Garden

Michelle Casey, "Body Talk", Mixed Media/Collage, June 7 2010 features Mary Delany's embroidery work in the background.

With several projects on the go, I haven’t had much time to read this year. Even still, I’m slowly ploughing through several books. One is Molly Peacock’s: The Paper Garden; the true story of eighteenth century artist […]

Collage Tip #1: Music as Muse for Collage

Tribute to Michael Jackson, Journal Page March 8 2010

This is the first of the many small tips I hope will help inspire your collaging…

Many of us wait for that one special moment when the creative muse will strike us with her magic wand and voila! –we’ll suddenly be in the mood for […]