September 2012 Bits & Bytes

Why not take a Collage Workshop?!

If you’re thinking of acquiring or improving your fine art skills, why not take a collage class with me! I just posted my fall workshops line up. This season I’m continuing to offer two popular classes: the vision board and daily ephemera journaling workshops which are great for beginner […]

Embossing the Day Away with Wendy Southin

Arranging different textures together with metal embossing is so much like collaging. One can arrange and affix them onto a canvas or a small wooden frame with heavy double-sided tape.

Recently when my good friend artist Wendy Southin asked me to assist her with a metal embossing workshop for teens, I jumped at the […]

Collage Bits and Bytes:

Michelle Casey, "My Father's Secret" (Inside) Mixed Media, ATC , May 2011

One of the greatest perks about being an artist and teacher is the wide variety of art work and ideas I get to share with students and artist colleagues/friends. Here are a few brief related highlights of happenings here at Collage Your […]

Student Spotlight: Wendy Southin’s Vision Board Dilemma

Wendy Southin, Vision Board, November 2010, 16 x 20 inches

Wendy Southin and I have been members of the same Artist Trading Card (ATC) group for a couple of years now. The first time I laid eyes on one of her cards, I was struck by the great care and thought she put into […]

My Secret ATC Trade with Wendy Southin

A Secret, Mixed Media/Collage ATC Folding Book (Cover), May 2011

Last month, Wendy Southin won a chance to trade an Artist Trading Card (ATC) with me and I was elated! Although we’ve been part of the same ATC group for a couple of years now, we’ve never actually traded cards. You see instead of […]

Maggie Jordan’s Vegan Potluck Vision Board Workshop

Vision Board Sneak Previews (top left to right) Nicole Beaudin (Desrosiers), Sarah Bentley; (mid left to right) Maggie Jordan, Leslie Ross; (bottom left to right) Charlotte, Lisa Bentley, April 2011

I had the great pleasure of meeting Maggie Jordan last year while […]

Student Spotlight: Olive Jones’ Vision Board

Olive Jones' Vision Board, November 2010, 16 x 20 inches

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear my friend Olive Jones might just be a distant relative of the famed archaeologist/adventurer Indiana Jones! She’s always off gallivanting somewhere across globe digging up amazing facts for her latest research paper! Olive and […]

Student Spotlight: Maggie Jordan’s Vision Board

Maggie Jordan's Vision Board, November 2010, 16 x 20 inches

I had the pleasure of meeting Maggie Jordan, a participant, in my Vision Board Workshop last November at Dragonfly Dreams Studio. I was a bit nervous for her when she arrived at the workshop unsure of how her vision board would unfold. […]

Creating Collage Using Daily Life Ephemera:

Untitled, Collage Journal Page, February 11, 2011

Yesterday, I gave a visual journaling workshop at my friend/artist Wendy Southin’s studio: Dragonfly Dreams. Here’s a fun exercise we tried using recycled bits of material from our daily lives to create journal pages. This method was derived from the work of twentieth century German Dada* artist, […]

Vision Board Workshop at Dragonfly Dreams: Living the Dream

Maggie Jordan, Vision Board (detail), Collage, November 2010

Sheila Cain-Sample, Vision Board (detail), Collage, November 2010

Olive Jones, Vision Board (detail), Collage, November 2010

Wendy Southin, Vision Board (detail), Collage, November 2010

Ruth Watt, Vision Board (detail), Collage, November 2010

Part Two:

Vision Board day finally arrived. As the sun […]