Collage Your World 2012 Highlights

Wishing 2013 is the best year yet!

For the past few years, my friend Elaine Coombs and I have gone over our previous year’s achievements with each other; it always feels good to acknowledge our accomplishments. This year, I thought I’d share some professional and personal highlights of 2012 with you. Many […]

The Collage Artist is In!

Elaine Coombs, "Once in a Song", Acrylic on canvas over panel, 50 x 40 inches, 2011

Hello! It’s been nice to take a break from blogging to concentrate (almost) exclusively on producing works for my upcoming Atrium Gallery show. Some of my friends thought I was away on vacation, but no such luck! I […]

Collage Tip 6: Make History! (Stuck on the Royals, Part II)

Princess in the Making, Mixed Media Journal Page, April 29 2011

Well, I was all set to give you my next tip on collaging textures, when my good friend, Elaine Coombs, emailed me to ask what I thought of the Royal Wedding … excited by sharing my thoughts with her, my left brain went […]

Beating the Winter Blues with Publications News

Here are a couple of exciting Collage Your World developments I’m happy to share with you. I’m proud to officially announce that two of my pieces have been recently published…

Detail, Mixed Media/Collage, Postcard, November 2010

Nick Bantock Postcard Challenge Update:

In February, the Nick Bantock postcard challenge I participated in […]