Student Spotlight: Olive Jones’ Vision Board

Olive Jones' Vision Board, November 2010, 16 x 20 inches

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear my friend Olive Jones might just be a distant relative of the famed archaeologist/adventurer Indiana Jones! She’s always off gallivanting somewhere across globe digging up amazing facts for her latest research paper! Olive and […]

Beating the Winter Blues with Publications News

Here are a couple of exciting Collage Your World developments I’m happy to share with you. I’m proud to officially announce that two of my pieces have been recently published…

Detail, Mixed Media/Collage, Postcard, November 2010

Nick Bantock Postcard Challenge Update:

In February, the Nick Bantock postcard challenge I participated in […]

Collage Tip #3: Use Literature to Breathe Life into Your Collages

This journal page "Taboo Subjects in Our Home" (December 8 2009) was inspired by my Mary Shelley collage explorations

In October I wrote of how music can be a great tool to inspire your collaging. Similarly, I feel literature can add vibrancy to your collage/mixed media work. […]

My Nick Bantock Collage Postcard Adventure!

Lost Love, Altered Postcard, November 2007

Over the last month, in between preparing for workshops and submissions to galleries, I’ve been doing some research on artist/writer Nick Bantock. This December I hope to submit a postcard for a challenge paying tribute to his Griffin and Sabine trilogy: Griffin and Sabine: An Extraordinary […]