Ties That Bind: Exhibition Update

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been busy with a number of collaborative projects as well as a group show in June. Will tell all soon! In the meantime, as promised, here are some photos of my exhibition “Ties That Bind: Collage & Fibre Art” with fibre artist Krystyna Sadej.

Our opening […]

Ties That Bind: Collage & Fibre Art Exhibition Coming Soon!

Hello! As I type this I’m crazy busy preparing for my exhibition/opening next week with artist Krystyna Sadej. I’ve spent the last month and a half preparing 10 new pieces for the show. I’m putting the finishing touches on one last piece and the rest of the work has been photographed and is in the […]

A Symphony in Thread: The Tapestry of Anna Torma

What do gardens, anatomical figures and monsters all have in common? Among other motifs, they all happily inhabit the fibres of Anna Torma’s embroidered tapestries. Reminiscent of a frenzied personal graffiti, the Hungarian-born artist’s dynamically composed pieces never fail to completely captivate viewers’ imaginations. Influenced by the work of artists: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cy Twombly and […]

June 2014 Bits & Bytes

The Shenkman Art Centre’s Significant Contributions Installation (detail views), June 2014, Ottawa, Canada

Significant Contributions Project

This Friday I had a chance to visit Significant Contributions, an installation and public art project I’ve been blogging about, organized by artist Karen Goetzinger. This breath-taking series of towering structures is located in the main lobby of […]

September Reflections

My latest collage in progress on my work table, September 8, 2012. Don't know what I'll call it. It has to do remembering, forgetting and death. I feel it needs some text.

This week, in keeping up with my big re-org plans, I tended to a couple of challenging projects in my studio: cleaning […]

Canadian Gharana Arts Festival Photo Album

Michelle Casey, Canadian Gharana Arts Opening, Ottawa, June 2012

In June I was pleased to participate in a group art exhibition: “Inspirations of India” held by the Canadian Gharana Arts Festival here in Ottawa. The event was a celebration of arts being practiced by Indo-Canadian and Canadian artists alike inspired by India. For three […]