Marilyn Dreams…


Michelle Casey, Marilyn Dreams 2, Collage/Mixed Media, 3.5 x 6 inches, February 2015

Marilyn Monroe reading in her bedroom, 1951

Like many artists, when I create a piece, I never know how it will be received. Although nerve wracking at times, this is the most thrilling part of art making. I became […]

What’s in a Namesake?

Michelle Casey, "Namesake" (for MM), Collage/Mixed Media, 10 x 14 inches (approx.), April 2012

I recently finished my “Namesake” collage dedicated to Marilyn Monroe so I thought I’d share some more insights into life with my namesake with you. After all, a collage is never truly complete until we ponder its existence in our […]

The Collage Artist Goes to Back to School!

In Catherine's class we discussed Betye Saar's assemblage "Ragtime" (2005, 19" x 20" x 2") which references slavery, African-American music and the American Civil War.

Since April, I’ve been volunteering at an elementary school. It’s one of my business goals to research working with children because I’d like to offer workshops for them at […]

Me, Vanessa, Marilyn & John

"Namesake" (for MM), Collage (in progress), 5 x 7 inches, April 15 2012

This week I watched a concert* on TV given by French singer/actress Vanessa Paradis. I sat spellbound by the star’s stylish looks, lithe figure and wavy blonde hair as well as what emerged from her lips (along with the familiar gap […]