Lynne Cohen: Artist & Friend

Lynne Cohen, Photographer

These past few years I’ve been blogging about a friend and mentor who had cancer. Last spring photographer Lynne Cohen died after a lengthy and ferocious battle with lung cancer. I say ferocious because although she was given a very short time to live she found ways to beat the odds […]

Nancy Halpin Looks “Out of the Window”

Michelle Casey at Nancy Halpin’s “Out of the Window – Photographic Impressions” Exhibit at Centrepointe Gallery, Ottawa, ON, November 2012

Love at First Blur…

Like so many great photographer friends I know, on the outside, Nancy Halpin is a quiet, unassuming soul. On the inside, however, she has amazing visions brewing! Currently in the […]

Artist Mentors I: Paul Lowry, Madman or Genius?

Many of us know that we’d never be the artists we are today if it wasn’t for the inspiration we received from our artist mentors of the past. I found mine at university in the departments of photography and art history. There, a few special professors brought art to life in a way I’d never […]