Student Spotlight: Olive Jones’ Vision Board

Olive Jones' Vision Board, November 2010, 16 x 20 inches

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear my friend Olive Jones might just be a distant relative of the famed archaeologist/adventurer Indiana Jones! She’s always off gallivanting somewhere across globe digging up amazing facts for her latest research paper! Olive and […]

Beating the Winter Blues with Publications News

Here are a couple of exciting Collage Your World developments I’m happy to share with you. I’m proud to officially announce that two of my pieces have been recently published…

Detail, Mixed Media/Collage, Postcard, November 2010

Nick Bantock Postcard Challenge Update:

In February, the Nick Bantock postcard challenge I participated in […]

Collage Tip #3: Use Literature to Breathe Life into Your Collages

This journal page "Taboo Subjects in Our Home" (December 8 2009) was inspired by my Mary Shelley collage explorations

In October I wrote of how music can be a great tool to inspire your collaging. Similarly, I feel literature can add vibrancy to your collage/mixed media work. […]