Student Spotlight: Maggie Jordan’s Vision Board


Maggie Jordan's Vision Board, November 2010, 16 x 20 inches

Maggie Jordan's Vision Board, November 2010, 16 x 20 inches

I had the pleasure of meeting Maggie Jordan, a participant, in my Vision Board Workshop last November at Dragonfly Dreams Studio.  I was a bit nervous for her when she arrived at the workshop unsure of how her vision board would unfold.  Once we got to talking however, I realized there was nothing to worry about… Maggie, a thoughtful, long-time artist/collagist was steeped in the wisdom of life experience.  Paying close attention to her inner goals and desires, she constructed her board with a silent, knowing ease.  I was amazed by the lightening speed with which she skilfully assembled a number of iconic images.  Her use of soft colours and a variety of textures immediately drew me into her vision.  Once there I sensed a world of wonders … where the beauty of all living things is savoured… where the great and simple pleasures of life are appreciated. Surveying her board I was overcome by feelings of: clarity, peace and harmony.  In the top left corner of her board she subtly (barely visible above) placed the word “searching” suggesting to me that this was not a static space where time stood still but also a dynamic one of ongoing questioning.  Here are Maggie’s thoughts about the vision board process…

Maggie Jordan

Maggie Jordan

What attracted you to the Vision Board Workshop?

I liked the idea of focusing on a personal theme.  My life is demanding in so many ways, job, children, relationships, and hobbies that I wanted to ground myself and hold onto my Vision as a form of strength, confidence and reassurance for myself with regards to decision making.

I also was attracted to the fact that I would have a tangible piece of work to take home to remind myself of my focus in a visual sense.

Did you have a vision/dream in mind for it before you began the workshop?  If yes, what was it?

Yes, sort of… I knew I wanted “stability” in my life but I did not know how to represent this visually.

How did you find the visioning process (ie. closing your eyes, imagining your dream, etc.)?  Did you find it helpful in clarifying your goals?  How did it make you feel?

I found the visioning process to be very helpful in clearing my mind of noise and let a fresh vision appear.

How did you find the process of collaging your vision board?  Was visually setting down your ideas helpful to you or revealing?

Again this was an exercise in letting go so the images collectively become a composition.  The images took on meaning for the vision as I placed them together on the vision board.  I found the form of collage ideal for the “pieces” of my vision to take on a cohesive meaning. 

Where is your vision board now?  Is it working for you?

My vision board is on a table in my bedroom.  I glance at it and ask myself if I am living my vision….am I being authentic with my choices in life.  I have been able to draw on it for strength in a couple of situations, so Yes, it is working for me.

The Vision Board tied together the many aspects of “stability” that I am seeking and hoping for in my life (at this time).  I think now the ‘stability’ that I seek is emotional stability; a confidence with my decisions.  A sureness that I know what is best for me!

For me the process was…..tap into my authentic self….visualize my focus to bring me closer to my authentic self…….seek images………collage…….go on with life…….meet at a cross road in my life……..wonder what to do……a decision to make…..what action to take……go to my Vision Board with my options…..make a decision based on what I already know is there but is unclear until I re-visit my Vision Board…..confirm my decision with my self….take action….go on with life!

I fully expect this cycle to take place for me again and again and again…….For me my Vision Board is a tool for moving forward with my life.

Wow Maggie!  Thanks so much for sharing your insights.  As your vision board workshop guide, it makes me so happy to hear you’ve found a way to successfully channel your creativity into a useful tool that can give you some guidance and focus.  I wish you the very best in realizing your dreams and long-term goals! 

Another big thanks to Maggie too for rounding up several of her friends to take a Vision Board Workshop with me in April — I look forward to working with them!

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