Beating the Winter Blues with Publications News

Here are a couple of exciting Collage Your World developments I’m happy to share with you.  I’m proud to officially announce that two of my pieces have been recently published… 

Detail, Mixed Media/Collage, Postcard, November 2010

Detail, Mixed Media/Collage, Postcard, November 2010

 Nick Bantock Postcard Challenge Update: 

In February, the Nick Bantock postcard challenge I participated in late last fall resulted in the publication of my postcard collage in a book compiled by artist Socrates.  Published by Blurb books, Tribute to Nick Bantock features a compendium of art-related postcards produced by fans inspired by Bantock’s Griffin and Sabine trilogy.  A preview which features several pages of the book, including my piece (!), can be found on Blurb’s website along with ordering information.  For more on the postcard challenge see Socrates’ A Tribute to Nick Bantock Mail Art blog which features the works of all the participants (including one by my good friend Olive Jones!) and winners of the postcard challenge.   A heart felt thanks to “Sox” for all the hard work she put into soliciting, organizing, selecting and publishing our pieces – it’s a wonderful homage to Nick Bantock!  I think it’s an amazing thing when an artist like Bantock makes such an impact on his readers that they feel compelled to respond in some concrete way to his call to their imaginations – it completes the circle of reception in a way I feel many artists/authors dream of. 

Jennifer Lee, Author, The Right-Brain Business Plan

Jennifer Lee, Author, The Right-Brain Business Plan

 Right-Brain Business Plan Book Update: 

A couple of years ago, I participated in the Right-Brain Business Plan (RBBP) telesummit hosted by Jennifer Lee and Ariane Goodwin.  Last year, Jennifer informed me she would be publishing my right-brain visual business plan in her upcoming book: The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative Visual Map for Success.  This February her book finally hit the shelves!  As a participant who successfully utilized her RBBP techniques to grow my own business, I highly recommend her amazingly pain-free method of developing a visual business plan to help direct your business goals. Along with the book launch, she’s also currently hosting a FREE The Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit (February 28 – March 11, 2011) … in a series of 45-minute webinars Jenn highlights helpful tips from her book along with interviewing incredible creative entrepreneurs such as Laura Hollick, Lisa Sonora Beam and Chris Guillebeau to name a few.  If you miss the Summit it’s also available for purchase on her Artizen Coaching’s blog.  Without Jenn’s help and inspiration Collage Your World would not be alive and kicking today – a big thanks to her for pioneering new methods of transforming the business landscape for artists/entrepreneurs today! 

My final bit of exciting news is that my RBBP “accountability buddy”, artist/painter Elaine Coombs (of San Francisco), was Jenn’s special featured business/artist at her book signing in Oakland, California last Thursday!  Way to go, Elaine!  Woohoo!!!  Elaine’s one of 22 artists/entrepreneurs featured in the book!

2 comments to Beating the Winter Blues with Publications News

  • socrates

    Thanks for posting this on your blog. I hope you get a copy of the book, it really looks amazing. I also used your art work with the short article introduction I wrote. And I was able to include the story you wrote, which really enhances it the images. Thank you so much for your participation.

    • Michelle

      Hello Socrates! Your interest in my Bantock posting and gentle nudge gave me the creative impetus I needed to complete and send in my postcard… I really appreciated that. Wow, that’s so cool to hear you added my image and story to your article introduction — thanks, so much! It was a really fun challenge to participate in, I learned so much from all the other amazing participants’ submissions. BTW, I’m ordering a copy of the book this week! I’ve been checking out your blog from time to time and really enjoy your sumptously textured collage paintings. Best in all your creative endeavours, Michelle

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