Gratitude: My New Attitude!

Michelle Casey, "untitled", Collage/Mixed Media on Vellum, 8 inches x 6 inches, 2013

Michelle Casey, "untitled", Collage/Mixed Media on Vellum, 8 inches x 6 inches, 2013

These last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling like life has sucker-punched me. I’ve been in a place where I might have normally let myself fall into an eternal downward spiral of doom and gloom. Today, however, I decided to count my blessings for the past week and found there’s plenty to celebrate and be grateful for. Just looking at this list makes me smile at the riches I have in my life. Because of the way our brain works, it’s far easier to remember the unhappy things that touch our lives. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to write down those fleeting happy moments of the recent past to draw strength from in the present. Writing a gratitude list is a great way to beat the blues; I don’t think I do it often enough. I remember reading somewhere that the happiest people keep gratitude lists to remind themselves of the good things they have going on in their lives… and apparently (oh, I’m such a sceptic sometimes!), it really works to boost their optimism and success in life. So, here goes, if it works for them, I want a piece of it, too! Thanks to Oprah Winfrey whose own gratitude list in the July issue of O magazine inspired my own.

This week I’m grateful for…

The warm sun shining on my shoulders.

Chocolate cherry mania gelato from Truffles & Treasures (hey you locals, it’s in the Glebe… they make great sugar-free chocolate too and their fudge is to die for!).

Finding an AMAZING book to read: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Having a surprise coffee break with my husband.

Receiving a beautiful painting from my friend Bernadeta who lives in Poland.

Getting a couple of heart-warming emails from CYW list members.

Being able to spend Saturday morning at the spa treating myself to a manicure/pedicure. BTW, OPI’s “Aphrodite’s Nightie” is a gorgeous pink for the summer!

The calming sound of water trickling from my neighbour’s fountain.

Seeing my new Salsa Red Echinacea plant bloom for the first time this summer!

Finding two bright red cardinals hanging out in the oak tree in my front yard.

Falling in love with a new musical duo: The Civil Wars… you have to check out their version of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”. (I think he would be proud!)

Being able to take long meditative walks in a beautiful, peaceful neighbourhood.

The first drops of rain on my face on a hot muggy day.

Seeing three new lilies bloom in my tiny backyard pond.

Buying four rolls of a cool new patterned MT washi tape for my supply stash… and actually making use of it!

Hearing the crickets chirping on my nightly stroll.

Being able to see the stars from my office window at night.

Having so many supportive and wonderful friends come around when I need them most.

Quote: “Beauty brings us back to the here and now” by Allan G. Hunter, Gratitude and Beyond: Five Insights for a Fulfilled Life

Hope y’all have a great week!

4 comments to Gratitude: My New Attitude!

  • What a beautiful list Michelle. I think making a gratitude list is a wonderful thing and I feel like you, I don’t do it often enough. Thanks for sharing.

    • Michelle

      Hey Wendy, Thanks for taking the time to review my blog. Thanks for your kind comment. It doesn’t really take on that long to do … I really should try to do it every week. I’ve been journaling my unhappy feelings away these past several months but doing this was such a refreshing change! Your gratitude lists always inspire me too! Hugs, Michelle

  • Oh Michelle, you hit the nail on the head with this post. It is soooo important to be thankful every day, you realize how rich you are. Thank you for letting us know how much we have and for saying it out loud. I loved The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, it touched me. To me it shows how much of an impact we make on this world even though we may not see it. Your honesty here is so refreshing. All the best. Sheila

    • Michelle

      Thanks for dropping by Sheila and for your beautiful comments. Henrietta Lacks was an amazing woman — so many people the world round owe her thanks. I’m just starting to read the book and bought it because of a great interview I heard on the CBC last week featuring Rebecca Skloot the author of the book. So true… we all make a difference in the world doing our tiny part to make the world a better place in whatever way we can. One day we’ll have to get together and exchange thoughts about the book over tea. Hugs, Michelle

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